About 1KG MORE


Short Summary of 1KG MORE

1KG MORE advocates an innovative concept of travel, that every traveler may help the local rural community, in such a joyful way "Travel Makses A Better World".

Main Activities (until Mar. 2009)
1KG MORE established a website platform as a community assembling the travelers, where TRAVEL, the most common and approachable entertaining activity, is connected to public services. We encourag travelers to carry even only 1kg more of books or stationeries to rural students, and information of rural schools or travel experience is collected and shared among travelers. The concept of travel is renovated and it will improve the rural education and make a better world;
We are working together with enterprises for the following projects: "Dream of Water" Plan, improving the drinking water condition for rural schools; "Twin-books" Plan and "Living Library" Plan, providing the rural students better reading resources;
By various travelers, we introduce more communication opportunities to rural students, adjusting the severe lack of information balance in rural education, and amending the malfunction of the education information market.


Expectation and Achievements

By combining travel with public services, heart affecting heart, we hope to change the reality of unbalanced education between rural and urban areas in China. The malfunction of the rural education market is inevitable due to severe lack of information.

Although the higher education is enlarging the enrolment, rural students only take a smaller and smaller proportion(urban/rural:323/1). The development of over-all education standard and even all aspects in our society are hampered. We hope to enhance the social efficiency and promote the education balance.

Since April 2004, our volunteers have collected the detailed data about more than 600 rural schools. According to incomplete statistics over 10,000 participators have carried out 1kg-more travels, and at least 1 million people have knock-on affected; in almost all the major cities of China volunteer groups have been organized, and different functional volunteer teams are founded online; our website community has become a platform where the concept of VOLUNTOURISM is rapidly popularized.

The social reputation of the enterprises we cooperate have achieved great social reputation and proper fund, technology and human resources are introduced into the rural area.


1KG-MORE starts from a most common and approachable activity-traveling, applying a largest human resource to shipping education resources; it breaks the traditional information trend, to establish a net-work of the education information in China. The two innovative methods meet at the goal of equal education. An internet community is launched to be our platform, and the idea of Charity Community defines enterprises as participators rather than simple sponsors in the traditional conception of charity. The value of the program is that it's effective and directly, and easy to be copied and applied to other countries/regions where similar problems exist.


Sustainable development

1KG-MORE is becoming an organiser and agent in public services. We make profit by offering charity consultant and services to enterprises, and apply part of the income to our team operation and the rest to charity activities. We insist on "earn-spend on charity" rather than "deposit-withdraw-money for charity", avoiding the risk or funding chain broken occuring in the traditional mode. We'd successfully cooperated with 10 enterprises in 2008. In 2009 we will focus more on coordinating our community with its users, and enlarging the participation. In a financially sustainable way our venture will be professionally recognized and more achievements will be fulfilled.